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    CJMT 1300/1600-S coating production line

    CJMT 1300/1600-S coating production line
    Product name:CJMT 1300/1600-S coating production line
    Category:CJMT 1300/1600-S coating production line
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    CJMTZ1300/1600-S coating production line coats various kinds of paints on the surfaces of the aluminum coil after pretreatment according to the requirements of the customers. This line adopts a precise four-roll converse coating machine at international advanced level, to carry on the precise coating under a close and non-dust environment, so that the thickness and appearance of the paints films are well controlled. The oven is divided into five areas for firing under controlled temperature, so the durability of anti-solutions; hardness and flexibility of the coating reach the best. This line has fine luster, adsorb ability and anti-causticity. Furthermore, we’ve improved the technology of firing by reference of the advantage of the foreign equipment, to make coating dried from inside outwards, so the quality of the coating is guaranteed.